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How Do I Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery?

Most people believe that knee pain is just something that comes and goes from time to time but that’s not true at all. Our knees are such a crucial part of our mobility and freedom but we often take them for granted, especially when it comes to ignoring pain and discomfort.

Whenever you start to feel knee pain the advice is always the same.

“Put some balm on it and it’ll be fine.”

“Elevate your leg and rest a little and you’ll be ok.”

“Take these painkillers and you’ll be good tomorrow.”

But none of these solutions treat the root cause of your knee pain and if you don’t look carefully at how and why your knee hurts, you’ll never fully get rid of the pain.

In fact, certain types of knee pain only get worse with time and very soon, you’ll regret that you did nothing about your knee pain months earlier when you had the chance.

When is knee replacement surgery required?

Chronic knee pain that worsens over time is always a concern for both the patient and the doctor. The patient wants to be rid of chronic knee pain while the doctor is trying his best to make this happen. During this time, the doctor might suggest solutions ranging from knee exercises to painkillers but if the problem persists then they opt for the surgical route.

If you really think about it, the surgery replaces your knee with plastics and metals but that doesn’t mean your pain won’t return later. Instead of fixing possible biomechanical issues or body imbalances that caused the knee pain in the first place, you now have to deal with the same issues with a prosthetic knee.

Ultimately, knee replace surgery does not guarantee that you will live pain-free nor does it mean your mobility will improve. Using physiotherapy as a tool to check for mobility issues or muscular imbalances might be the best way to find the source of your knee troubles.

How Form Physio and Rehab could help you avoid knee replacement surgery

Every case is different but we believe in trying to get rid of knee pain with a comprehensive strategy. For most people, a combination of consistent exercise, a healthy diet and a strong drive to do what it takes to become pain-free is all that is required to recover from most knee problems.

While it is not always possible to avoid knee replacement surgery, we believe that physiotherapy is always worth trying first because in the long run, it has many advantages that make it a better choice than surgery. Here’s why:

1. There are no long-term side effects or post-surgical complications with physiotherapy

2. Physiotherapy can address root causes of knee pain that deal with body imbalances, muscular issues such as weakness, tightness and flexibility and so on. This means that your knee will be pain-free for a long time provided you keep exercising as recommended and stay in good shape

3. Once you’ve completed your physiotherapy regimen and you are pain-free, you no longer have to rely on us to keep your knees healthy and you can go back to enjoying activities and sports you’ve been avoiding for months and years.

4. With physiotherapy, you are in control of your knee pain provided you follow the routine and advice given to you. Whereas knee pain can return any time post-surgery and you’ll be stuck with the pain all over again.

Take care of your lingering knee pain immediately by visiting us at Form Physio and Rehab and you’ll have a clear long-term solution for pain-free knees.

Want to learn more about Knee Physiotherapy in Bangkok?

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Kodchakorn Tawonsupajalean

Kodchakorn (Ked) Tawonsupajalean
Head Therapist at Form Recovery and Wellness

Kodchakorn received a Degree in Physiotherapy from Mae Fah Luang Univeristy in Chiang Rai. Kodchakorn is the Head Therapist at Form Recovery and Wellness and works closely with all the therapists from all departments to ensure that every single client who comes to us has the highest chance of success.

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