Neck and shoulder pain treatment in Bangkok

Ease irritating neck and shoulder pain without taking painkillers, injections, and risking surgery.

Neck and Shoulder pain are such a common symptom that many people attribute the issue to “sleepy awkwardly” or feeling a bit “stiff”. But what if your pain and stiffness doesn’t go away for more than a week? What if it irritates you every day, making simple tasks very difficult and painful?

Maybe you think you have a neck problem — but it’s actually your shoulder where the problem is? It’s a very confusing problem to accurately diagnose because these two body parts are so interconnected, and this often leads people to procrastinate and put off making a decision about what to do to help fix their Neck and Shoulder pain. What’s worse is that many people just end up accepting it as ‘part of life’ — as if it’s normal, as if it “has” to be that way.

It does not have to be this way and you can easily live a pain-free life where your neck and shoulders are able to move freely.

If you’re suffering from neck and shoulder pain, here are 6 more reasons why it could be lasting longer than it should:

If any of these have happened to you or if you know you need help but don’t know where to start or which treatment is best for you, we invite you to book a call with one of our specialists to find out what can be done to help you. The fact that you’ve tried any or all of these things already is a good thing because when you know what does not work, you are closer to finding what does.

Neck and shoulder pain treatment

Neck and Shoulder pain needs careful observation to treat it properly and we help our patients overcome it by following these 3 steps:


We listen. We understand. And we diagnose the root cause of your pain in order to create a personalised treatment plan for you.


We guide you through your personalised treatment plan while helping you progress past your symptoms and treating the root cause of your pain.


Get back to doing the things you love!

Team Based Approach. Our ultimate goal is to get you back to doing the things you love without painkillers, injections, and surgeries. We do that by involving our entire team. Every case is regularly reviewed by the Head of each Department to give you the highest chance of success. It is thus not uncommon for our team to recommend a multi-disciplinary approach between Physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Alternative Thai Medicine. However, after the consultation, we will recommend the treatment method that best suits your needs, whether that’s a combination of therapies or a single method.

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'Rikhi and his Physical Therapists…are absolutely world class…'
Rikhi and his Physical Therapists…are absolutely world class…I came in to receive physical therapy services after being told by a hospital that I would -urgently- need surgery due to a bulging disc surrounding my C6 and 7…After seeing [Form Physio and Rehab] for a few sessions, they reassured me that surgery was -not- necessary at all! (and they were absolutely right! Only after just a few sessions, my pain in the front part of my chest, my left shoulder blade area, and my constant and shooting arm pain went from a 10 to a 1…I also want to mention that I am from Hawaii, I have lived in LA and New York and found that Rikhi’s practice is the epitome of what every business should be. The way in which he operates his business, specifically, the level and quality of care far surpasses any that I have been to, regardless of industry…They are a true rarity in today’s world, in terms of all the areas mentioned, and I am so thankful…Keep up the amazing job!
Nicole S.
'ฟอร์ม ฟิสิโอ ช่วยให้ฉันหายจากอาการปวดหัวไมเกรนอย่างรุนแรงได้โดยการทำกายภาพบำบัดด้วยการออกกำลังกาย'
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ฟอร์ม ฟิสิโอ ช่วยให้ฉันหายจากอาการปวดหัวไมเกรนอย่างรุนแรงได้โดยการทำกายภาพบำบัดด้วยการออกกำลังกาย และภายในระยะเวลาไม่ถึงสามเดือนฉันพบว่าอาการฉันดีขึ้นมาก ฉันสามารถลดการรับประทานยาลงได้ รวมไปถึงการบริการและสถานที่ของที่นี่ดีมาก ฉันได้แนะนำที่นี่ให้กับเพื่อนและครอบครัวของฉัน หากคุณมีอาการปวดอย่าลังเลที่จะเข้ามาที่นี่!
Carmen G.
'My shoulder problem is fixed, thanks to a combination of acupuncture with K. Fair and physio with K. Mint'
Neck & Shoulder Pain |
Shoulder impingement syndrome
For me they were the dynamic duo. They worked together, continually updated each other and gave me feedback every session. My experience is that this runs through the whole team from Rikhi to Prae, the fab receptionist and budding DJ. A great team and I have no hesitation recommending Form Physio & Rehab.
Charles V.
'I rated Form Physio and Rehab five stars'
Neck & Shoulder Pain |
Frozen shoulder
The therapists who have worked with me are knowledgeable, friendly and pay attentions to my problem with a good attitude (to help me recover). I had torn ligament in my left shoulder and the doctor said I probably can only recover up to 50% or 60% of my stretch capacity at most. Now I am back to 95% which made me very happy.

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