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Natural Treatment for Insomnia in Bangkok

Address the Root Causes of Insomnia and Improve Sleep Quality Naturally and Without Side Effects

Many people find it hard to get a good night’s rest. Whether it’s having trouble falling asleep, not sleeping at the right time, waking up frequently, or tossing and turning in the middle of the night, these challenges diminish our well-being and energy levels.

People struggling with persistent insomnia often find typical remedies insufficient. Recognizing this, Form Recovery and Wellness has created a program to comprehensively address sleep issues using natural methods. Our goal is to navigate from the root to the final cause of the problem seamlessly with the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Applied Thai Traditional Medicine (ATTM). Experienced medical practitioners administer all treatments, guiding you towards a restful night’s sleep.

Signs You May Be Suffering From Insomnia

The following are common warning signs of insomnia you shouldn’t ignore:

Migraine headaches can manifest in various ways, depending on the underlying causes and triggers. You may be experiencing a migraine if you have one or more of the following symptoms:

How Can The Insomnia Treatment Program At Form Recovery And Wellness Help You?

Our program for treating insomnia employs a natural approach, addressing the issue from its root to its end cause. It utilizes a combination of Traditional Chinese and Applied Thai Traditional Medicine techniques that are unique to our clinic. The program is designed to significantly enhance the quality of your sleep in the long term without any side effects from chemical substances.


These are some of the positive changes you’ll experience after undergoing this program:

Program Details

The combined treatments in our Traditional Chinese and Applied Thai Traditional Medicine treatment program at Form Recovery and Wellness include:

These treatments aim to alleviate migraine symptoms, reduce the use of medication and chemicals, and provide a natural, holistic approach to migraine management.

Why Do We Use A Combination Of Traditional Chinese And Applied Thai Traditional Medicine In Our Insomnia Treatment Program?

Our insomnia treatment program is a natural and safe method that starts by addressing the root causes and symptoms together. By combining the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Applied Thai Traditional Medicine, we can enhance the quality and safety of the treatment process.

Who Is This Insomnia Treatment Program Suitable For?

This insomnia treatment program is suitable for those who prefer or wish to use natural methods for treatment, individuals open to alternative medicine, and those who have patience and understanding of the natural treatment process and duration. In some cases, the effects of the natural treatment may take longer compared to medication. But in the long run, these methods would set a good balance to your body without leaving any chemicals. 

In addition to addressing the true cause of the condition, the treatment focuses on rebalancing various processes within the body and improving the balance of each part of the body simultaneously. This aims to treat current symptoms and prevent relapses in the long term. It is especially ideal for those who do not prefer taking medication or chemicals to aid sleep.

Why Choose Form Recovery And Wellness For Insomnia Treatment?

The program for treating sleep disorders with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Applied Thai Traditional Medicine at Form Recovery and Wellness is designed for individuals who experience sleep issues in various forms. It’s a collaborative treatment program that combines the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Applied Thai Traditional medicine to restore sleep, addressing the root causes and providing relief from the symptoms. 

All the experts work together as a team to thoroughly examine the causes of the condition and carefully plan a personalized treatment that is most suitable for each individual. Therefore, the insomnia treatment program at Form Recovery and Wellness is suitable for people of all genders and ages who experience problems with sleep.

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Before And After Your Treatment

In general, we advise you to avoid any massage or acupuncture treatments while undergoing the Insomnia treatment program. You should also refrain from taking cold showers, drinking cold water, or engaging in heavy physical activities for approximately 2-3 hours after your treatment. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages or smoking.

Before treatment:

  1. Inform the doctor of any existing medical conditions, medication history, drug allergies, surgeries, or accidents.
  2. If you are having your period, it’s advisable to postpone treatment until your period is finished.
  3. Ensure you get an adequate amount of sleep and rest, and maintain a balanced diet for 1-2 hours.

During Treatment

If the patient experiences any undesirable symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, burning sensations, or unusual pain, please inform the doctor immediately.

After treatment: 

  1. If you have any allergies, consult your physician to prevent irritation or reactions.
  2. If cupping therapy causes itchiness, gently scratch through clothing. Expect cupping marks to fade, harmlessly, within 5-7 days.
  3. Ensure adequate rest if experiencing a fever, sore throat, or weakness, as symptoms should subside within 1-2 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, using both Traditional Chinese and Applied Thai Traditional Medicine together is safe. Both methods enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. All herbal remedies are administered by an experienced practitioner who prescribes the appropriate dosage according to your body and the severity of your condition. All prescribed medications must meet quality standards and appropriate regulations.

Usually, the insomnia treatment program means getting treatment at least twice a week and keeping this up for about 6 weeks. But, the length and number of treatments can change based on how serious the condition is and the special treatment plan made for each patient.

Since the insomnia treatment uses different methods from both Traditional Chinese and Applied Thai Traditional Medicine, the side effects can vary for different people. Some might feel a bit of discomfort at acupuncture points, feel a little dizzy for 15-30 minutes, a bit tired, have a runny nose, or have short-term allergic reactions. These usually go away as your body gets used to it.  Patients can consult with the physician for guidance throughout the treatment.

Normally, each session takes 120 minutes, splitting the time evenly with 60 minutes for Applied Thai Traditional Medicine and 60 minutes for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Acupuncture or acupressure treatments might make you feel a little uncomfortable or a dull ache at some points. But as your blood flow gets better, you’ll start to feel more relaxed and the discomfort will go away.
  • Cupping therapy might make you feel a bit tight from the suction of the cups. Afterward, you’ll feel lighter, more relaxed, and maybe even sleepy.
  • If you’re treated with ear seeds (herbal seeds), pressing the seeds might be a bit uncomfortable.
  • For Hijama (bloodletting therapy), you might feel a sharp prick from the needle and some tightness from the cupping. After the treatment, you should feel lighter, comfy, and relaxed.

Experienced practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Applied Thai Traditional Medicine will administer and evaluate all treatments.

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