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Medical Massage in Bangkok

Release tension in tight muscles and increase flexibility

Massages are meant to help people de-stress, reduce muscle tension and regain their flexibility. However, too often, massages can have unwanted side-effects. Have you ever come out of a massage wondering why you are in even more pain? Our Medical Massages are the simple solution to this problem.

Here at Form Recovery & Wellness, we offer Medical Massages that are all performed by our qualified Physical Therapists in Bangkok. Yes, the same physiotherapists who help people get rid of their pain and get back to doing the things they love!

Our Medical Massage sessions are designed to combine the benefits of physical therapy and massages to provide you an experience that is both relaxing and safe and we ensure this by giving you a free full body physical therapy assessment first.

Book your Medical Massage today to reduce muscle tension, increase flexibility without fear of straining or aggravating old injuries.

Medical Massage in Bangkok - Form Recovery

People who might find medical massage suitable often ask:

If you have asked any of the questions above, then Medical Massages at Form Recovery could be what you need.

Medical massage sessions:

See what our clients say

'I'm grateful'
Sports Injury |
Thank you to Boss for doing an excellent job. I got the medical massage and needed very intense deep tissue massage for a sports injury in my legs. He did a fantastic job, it was painful (as requested, they have the option for lower levels of intensity) and very effective just like I needed. I'm grateful
J 2
'Five minutes after the treatment started, I felt relief'
Post Operative Rehab |
Post-op ankle fracture
Before I came to the therapy, I felt my leg very tight and without mobility. People is kind, thoughtful and caring. I had lucky to find out this place.
Melissa C.

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The key differences are:

  1. Medical Massages are performed by licensed Physical Therapists
  2. At your first visit, we will also do a free consultation to better understand your body, what injuries you may have or have had, what areas we should focus on and what we shouldn’t to make sure your massage is safe and effective

What we like to tell our clients is that if you don’t have any injuries and just want to get a massage to relax and unwind, a Thai Massage is a great option. However, if you actually have some aches and pains and need help releasing those tight knots, a Medical Massage is a safer and more effective option.

Yes, our Medical Massage is basically the same as a Deep Tissue Massage however you can also customise your preferences. For example, at the start of every session, you can indicate which areas you want to focus on, not focus on, and also how much stretching you want vs. massage.

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