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Telehealth in Bangkok

Eliminate pain, feel better through telehealth sessions in the comfort of your own home

If you have pains, stiffness or an aches during your travels — it is very tempting to think that it is not a big deal and that it will go away on its own. Or, you pass it off as having just “slept awkwardly”, or that it is just a “spasm” or a bit of stiffness that “everyone” your age suffers from. But the pain didn’t go away and while you don’t have access to professional healthcare in your current location, you know that you need some help.

If you want to get your symptoms checked by professionals but you aren’t in Bangkok at the moment, there is a solution to your problems.

We work with many active adults, who use our Telehealth services to get not only an accurate diagnosis but real-time guidance and supervision with our Online Physiotherapy treatment. Don’t let long distances get in the way of seeking trustworthy, professional help. Contact us today to see how our Telehealth services can help you get rid of your pain.

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People who might find telehealth suitable often ask:

If you have asked any of the questions above, then a Telehealth session may be what you need. Get in touch with us to learn more and see how our Telehealth services can help you get back to doing the things you love.

A team-based approach to therapy

Our ultimate goal is to get you back to doing the things you love without painkillers, injections, and surgeries. We do that by involving our entire team. Every case is regularly reviewed by the Head of each Department to give you the highest chance of success. It is thus not uncommon for our team to recommend a multi-disciplinary approach between Physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Alternative Thai Medicine.

What does a typical journey look like?


We listen. We understand. And we diagnose the root cause of your pain in order to create a personalised treatment plan for you.


Follow your personalised treatment plan under the supervision of our certified physiotherapists and practitioners.


Get back to doing the things you love!

Do you want to book a Telehealth session today? Click the button below to book your free consultation and learn more about treatment costs and availability.

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'Thank you Form Physio, you have truly helped me to achieve a happier and healthier life!'
Back Pain |
Post-Op Back Pain
After a spinal stenosis operation, Form Physio nurtured me with advice and exercise to bring me back to good health again. Prior to this, I was unable to walk 500m without having to stop from the pain. I’ve enjoyed the recovery process, am pleased with my progress and the personal service from the Form Physio Team. During CoVID-19 lock-down, they changed to on-line sessions so I was able to maintain the fitness and recovery momentum. Thank you Form Physio, you have truly helped me to achieve a happier and healthier life!
David P
'I felt like they paid more attention to me than any doctor in the USA ever did'
Back Pain |
Back Pain
I came here with a severe back injury and was new to physical therapy. The whole journey of healing has been wonderful. The management and the therapists have such deep knowledge of how to help you heal. I felt like they paid more attention to me than any doctor in the USA ever did! They have made my pain almost completely go away and worked on getting me stronger. The online therapy is really wonderful. I was hesitant, but it was much better than expected. My therapist watches me like a hawk and constantly shows how to do movements and adjusts me verbally over the video chat. It really works! I recommend Form Physio wholeheartedly
Drew Z.

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