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When Stretching Your Neck Isn’t Enough

Neck stretches are one of the most popular ways to prevent neck stiffness, improve mobility and provide some relief but is it an effective way to treat chronic neck pain?

The answer is surprising because if they are done correctly, stretches are greatly beneficial to helping with neck pain but doing them incorrectly results in more harm than good. So why do neck stretches cause problems?

It’s a technique problem

Neck stretches done incorrectly are probably the biggest reason for their negative reputation as a therapeutic tool. More often than not, people just look up neck stretches online and watch videos about what they should do but they have no idea if they are doing it correctly.

A lot can go wrong with a stretch done incorrectly.

To begin with, most people are not holding their stretches for long enough to make an impact. You have to hold a stretch comfortably for at least 30-60 seconds to see any kind of effect and if you just go through the motions.

Secondly, pushing a stretch or forcing your muscles out of their natural range of motion leads to tense muscles which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Whenever you need to stretch your muscles, always execute the movement comfortably and within your range, breathe easily and relax.

The stretch is supposed to help you become limber and relax.

person stretching neck

You’re doing the wrong type of stretch

Not every stretch is going to help you with your neck problem. Some muscles are stretched in some cases while others are left untouched but this means that you could just be wasting your time if you don’t pick the right set of stretches.

Some stretches are just meant to prevent issues and injuries and some are meant for relaxation. If you don’t know exactly what you need, you may be doing the wrong type of stretch which could ultimately end up doing more harm than good.

If you’ve got pain on your neck you definitely do not want to just google stretches. If you’re in pain, you need to first know exactly what muscles need to be stretched, then you need to find the right corrective stretches that are done with the right technique. Finding generic stretches on Google could end up doing more harm than good!

If you have chronic neck pain and you want specialized stretches that correct your neck problems, please come visit us and we’ll find the root cause of your neck pain and make sure you do the correct stretches that are customized to target your particular problem.

You probably don’t need neck stretches at all

You won’t believe it when you read this but not all neck pain originates from neck issues. Some neck pain can be attributed to a weak core.

That’s right! Your neck is probably overextended because your core is not holding your body in position. But before you jump into the gym and try to fix your core with a generic ab workout, remember that your neck could worsen because the exercises are too much too soon. As with the other factors, getting a physiotherapist to provide you with the appropriate workout solution is the best way forward.

Talk to us to help you get neck pain relief in Bangkok

As you can see, neck pain can be troublesome and doing the wrong stretch can end up making things worse. Instead of trying different neck stretches and risking further injury, why not just solve the problem at the source with the expertise of our certified physiotherapists?

Form Physio and Rehab has helped so many clients achieve long-term neck pain relief in Bangkok and we can definitely do the same for you. All you need to do is come in for a free Discovery Session so we can diagnose your neck problems in a safe environment.


Supapong Juntharin

Supapong (Boss) Juntharin
Head of Education at Form Recovery and Wellness

Khun Supapong received a Degree in Physiotherapy from Rangsit University in Bangkok. Supapong is the Head of Education at Form Recovery and Wellness and works closely with our team to ensure that the quality of our treatment is always at the highest level and that we are always upskilling our skills.

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