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Will Aqua Therapy Ease Your Pain?

We hear people come to us all the time saying, “My friends told me that I should do Aqua Therapy to help with my pain” or “my doctor said Aqua Therapy is good for me”.

Your friends and Doctor are probably right! But why? Why is Aqua Therapy good for you? What are the benefits?

Let us tell you 🙂

Aqua therapy or aquatic physiotherapy is a dynamic yet safe way to recover from injuries or alleviate pain in your joints. The concept behind Aqua Therapy is simple, water provides much more buoyancy than air, which means performing any form of exercise in the water has much lower impact and stress on joints, ligaments and bones.

More buoyancy makes it easier to balance and this helps people strengthen muscles and joints that contribute to improving body balance and strength. Introducing an Aqua Therapy regimen to your rehabilitation or strengthening program is a great way to start your journey to a fitter and more mobile lifestyle.

What are the benefits of Aqua Therapy?

Transitioning from post-surgical recovery to the first steps of physical rehabilitation can be too strenuous and mentally draining for many people. However, Aqua Therapy can be the perfect bridge between the bed and the exercise mat because it offers a safe and easy environment for getting important exercises done.

For lower leg injuries, back injuries and arthritis patients, getting into the pool allows them to feel safe about trying to take extra steps and put weight on their legs and hips without worrying about the consequences of falling to the ground. With the increased buoyancy, you can work through the full range of motion for numerous muscles and joints without feeling sharp pain and slowly strengthen these areas. The warm water has a relaxing and calming effect which helps make the situation less stressful and people with slower reaction times can still perform exercises without consequence as the water slows everything down.

Why do I need Aqua Therapy?

Aqua Therapy helps people of all ages work on their most difficult physical issues in a controlled and relaxed manner. Instead of struggling with basic movements and feeling like you aren’t making progress, try rehabilitating in the pool first and take it one step at a time.

If you suffer from any of the conditions we’ve discussed already or you need to work on your balance and other strengths, Aqua Therapy is an excellent way to build in exercises at lower intensity and flatten the difficulty curve on your rehabilitation.

You’ll get all the benefits of exercise without the fear of falling and you won’t be frustrated with your progress. Consistent work in the pool will absolutely translate into better results outside of it and you’ll see the difference after a few sessions.

Aqua Therapy in Bangkok with Form Physio and Rehab

The reality is that Aqua Therapy done by qualified physiotherapists is a difficult service to find, especially in the heart of Bangkok. We’re here to fix this.

At Form Physio and Rehab, we have a 6 x 12m salt water pool fitted with hand railings to provide support at strategic places. The salt water provides even more buoyancy than a regular pool.

Our personalised programs are tailored to fit your needs and we’ll ensure you make progress and reach your goal as soon as possible. Our experienced therapists will keep a watchful eye on your form and give you the support and guidance you need to easily and safely conduct your routine. Make your road to recovery smoother and more comfortable by working with Form Physio and Rehab in the pool!

Want to learn more about Aqua Therapy in Bangkok?

We’re happy to offer a free consultation over the phone to find out what your physiotherapy needs are and how we can help you right away!


Kodchakorn Tawonsupajalean

Kodchakorn (Ked) Tawonsupajalean
Head Therapist at Form Recovery and Wellness

Kodchakorn received a Degree in Physiotherapy from Mae Fah Luang Univeristy in Chiang Rai. Kodchakorn is the Head Therapist at Form Recovery and Wellness and works closely with all the therapists from all departments to ensure that every single client who comes to us has the highest chance of success.

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