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We aspire to be the leading clinic to help people in Thailand get back to doing the things they love without painkillers, injections, and surgeries outside of a hospital.

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Why Rebrand?

Our next phase is to bring our team-based approach to life. In the last quarter itself, many of our clients have opted to use more than one discipline and the results are, what we like to say, 1+1=3.

Under this roof, you will have three disciplines to help you:

Behind the scenes, each client’s case is reviewed by the heads of each department to give you the highest chance of success. Some clients may still only need one discipline and others may opt-in for a multi-disciplinary approach. Each case is personalized to your preference and guided by our therapists.

You don’t have to worry about debriefing each department your entire history and do multiple assessments or drive back and forth between clinics in different parts of the city.

Why Wellness?

Self-care is important and it comes in many forms. Not everyone is in pain… but most of you have made it a priority to schedule in time for self-care, recovery and general wellness. It is not uncommon to see clients come in for their routine recovery sessions and perhaps even take a dip in our swimming pool in Thonglor.

We look forward to helping you do the things you love!

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